How to Use Your New Breathalyzer

How to Use Your New Breathalyzer

Using a breathalyzer is a fairly simple procedure, although the steps may be confusing- especially for a first time user when they're blowing into the device itself. Don't worry- our short instructions are here to help! Just follow the steps below to make full use of your breathalyzers:


Turning Your Device On:

This point is fairly straightforward- just press the allocated power button, wait for your device to turn on, wait until it cools down, and once your device display reads as "Ready" or 0.000, you may then begin testing. Also, please note that you should only test yourself 15-30mins after you have had your drinks (it takes a while for the alcohol to be absorbed into your body- hence the wait time). 


Blowing Into the Device:

Now here comes the tricky part: most people blow into the breathalyzer with a short breath, then pull away and expect a reading- this is the wrong way to perform a breathalyzer test. When blowing into a breathalyzer of any kind, one must always have a strong, steady, and consistent blow- a failure to do so will more than likely result in an inconclusive test, or an error message stating "bLo" will appear. 

Easiest way to mitigate this issue? Once your device is ready to go, take a deep breath, and provide a long and steady blow, and don't stop until you hear two beeps, or two clicks from your device. Once the clicks have been heard, you may stop blowing, and wait for your device to process the results.



If you are not satisfied with the results from your device, or would like to test a friend, please wait between 60-120 seconds for your device to cool down and reset. Once your device has had sufficient time to reset itself, then you may perform another breathalyzer test. 


Turning Your Device Off

Fret not fellow folks, almost every breathalyzer on the market has an auto shut-off feature after a short while of inactivity. So even if you've had a tad bit too much to drink and forget to hold down the power button to manually shut your device down, it'll turn itself off. Ahh, the wonders of technology, eh?